Natural Hair Routine – Winter Edition

How To Moisturize Natural Hair During The Winter

Natural hair care in the winter can be quite a challenge for us naturalistas!  Many curly girls turn to protective styles to help protect their hair from the harsh elements.  I’ve tried protective styles as well, but they have made very little difference in the health of my hair.  I always ended up going back to my old faithful – the wash and go! It has been my go-to style ever since I went natural almost five years ago.  My hair has thrived and I wear it this way all year round.   I follow my same basic hair routine (Wash and Go Routine for Natural Hair) throughout the year, but I tweak some things in the winter to accommodate the cold weather. 

Today I am sharing the products and styling techniques that I am currently using during this fall/winter season.  My hair is loving my recently-updated routine!  I am very pleased with the health and look of my strands.   I hope that you find it helpful as well.


The Main Choice Crystal Orchid Biotin Infused Styling Gel

Aunt Jackie’s Seal It Up Hydrating Sealing Butter – During the winter, I make it a point to seal my strands and especially my ends.  Previously, I’ve used organic cold-pressed olive oil as a sealant.  It worked fine with protecting my hair but always left my neck area very oily.  I’ve been wanting to try Aunt Jackie’s products for a while and found this hydrating sealing butter at a local beauty store.  It has been working wonderfully plus I have not been experiencing any greasy neck issues…lol!  Click on this link for more information.Natural Hair Product - Aunt Jackie's Seal It Up


  • Hair shingling technique –  I’ve tried this styling method a few times in the past with great results and it’s now a permanent fixture in my natural hair routine.  Hair shingling is a styling method used to distribute hair products on small strands of hair using your fingers,  comb or brush.  To do this I divide my hair into four or five sections.  Starting the first section, I apply and rake the products (leave-in conditioner, moisturizer, hair gel and butter), one by one, through my hair.  I then create another small section and gently take small product-rich strands of my hair, elongating and smoothing them down with my fingertips.  This helps to put a good concentration of  the products into your hair strands, providing even more moisture and curl definition.  If hair starts getting dry during the process, rewet it with water using a spray bottle. Continue doing this to all of your hair sections until your entire head is completed.  YouTube also has some great hair shingling instruction videos.
  • Air drying my hair after applying products – I recently joined YouTube vlogger MahoganyCurls’ (aka Jessica Lewis) healthy hair growth journey group.  One of the rules is to not direct heat although using a hooded dryer on a low or cool setting is okay. I have decided to air dry my hair instead.  I will confess that I am not a fan of air drying for a few reasons.  It takes a few hours for my hair to completely dry.  Touching your hair while air drying can cause frizzing and it’s hard for me not to touch my hair. And don’t get me started on the hair shrinkage. On the positive side, my hair is maintaining more moisture throughout the day. This has been an issue for me in previous winters.

I’ve noticed some serious hair growth during this past month alone since incorporating these changes.  I’m sure that the air drying isn’t the only contributing factor to the growth but it’s definitely helping.  I’m looking forward to continued good results with my natural hair as I move along into the winter!

Thank you for joining me today and be blessed!

Warm regards,




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  1. Wash and Go’s are my go-to style as well! The products we use are quite similar but I also incorporate Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker. It’s my Holy Grail product.

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