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My name is Cheryl and not too long ago I celebrated my 50th birthday.  With this milestone came a strong desire to start a lifestyle blog.  I see so many great lifestyle blogs but not too many that are geared towards women of “a certain age.”  This sparked my desire to share my experiences and interests as a “mid-lifer.”

I must admit that I am both excited and nervous about this new blogging adventure.  However, I am one that never likes to say “I wish I would have done this or I knew should have done that” so I’m doing this!

One of my favorite questions to myself and others as I grow older is “Where have all the years gone?”  I still can’t believe that 50 years have gone by.   It seems like only yesterday that I was a working mother caring for three young children.  I could eat what I wanted without worrying much about weight gain, stay up all night, work long hours without it affecting me too much…the list goes on.  My friends and I would joke about being “old” one day but I really didn’t THINK about growing older.  Now it’s the opposite.  My kids are all grown up. If I eat like I did when I was younger, the weight gain is fast and I feel sluggish. If I want to stay up late I have to take a nap first.  I can’t work long hours without my back and feet telling me that it’s time to stop.  And don’t get me started on the hot flashes!

Now I have to be diligent about caring for myself because I when I don’t, I feel it almost immediately.  I have to eat right, workout, and do whatever it takes to keep stress at a minimum.

I will be writing about all of this as well as sharing my personal beauty routines, home diy projects, good food (both healthy and the stick-to-your-ribs kind…everything in moderation!), travel and other things that I love.

I truly hope that you enjoy and find this blog helpful as well as entertaining. That’s it for now! If you’d like to be kept updated on my posts, please subscribe!

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  1. Congrats on such a great venture Cheryl. I am proud of you for stepping out and doing what you enjoy. I love you and can’t wait to see what’s to come.

  2. Hey sweetie, very I am proud very proud of you all the best to you on your new journey.., welcome to the fabulous fiftys remember the best is yet to come for you!😘😘😍🙋💕💗💁😄🙏

  3. Congratulations Cuz! I will definitely be one of your blog followers. We could all learn a few things from each other to help us make it through. Thank you for this format!

  4. I was awaiting this day for you. Enjoy your new adventure and embrace the journey . I am sincerely happy for you . Peace and Blessings to you ,

  5. Way to go Cheryl!! So happy for you!! I will be front and center reading each of your entries. Looking forward to learning how to be fabulous and fifty, like you!!

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