Sweetened Coconut Flakes – Very Easy!

Sweetened Coconut Flakes for Your Cake!

Most coconut cake recipes call for sweetened coconut flakes.  For my cake I use Let’s Do Organic’s 100% Organic Coconut Flakes. Personally, I love them because of the large shaved-like shapes as opposed to the traditional shredded variety.  I use them as a finishing touch on my Happy Holiday Coconut Cake which gives it a most beautifully textured, decadent look that everyone loves.

For me these natural and unsweetened flakes are perfect because the frosting that I make is already very sweet (AND it tastes like marshmallows!). However, I know some may prefer the traditionally sweetened flakes.  Of course you can buy the presweetened shredded flakes, but since I prefer the look that this brand gives, I am sharing a quick and easy recipe for sweetening coconut flakes.  Here you go:

In a small sauce pan, combine the water and sugar, Turn on the heat and bring ingredients to a boil while stirring the sugar until it is fully dissolved (making the combination into a simple sugar).  Add coconut flakes and stir VERY GENTLY (to keep flakes intact) until the simple syrup is completly absorbed into the flakes.  Remove flakes and spread them on a cookie sheet.  Allow them to dry for about 20-30 minutes.

P.S….if you happen to come across the already-sweetened, shaved flakes, let me knowl!

*You can find the Let’s Do Organic 100% Organic Coconut Flakes in Target and Whole Foods as well.


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