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Morning Skincare Routine for Oily/Combination Skin
First, I want to wish all of the Moms a most Happiest Mother’s Day!!  This is the perfect day to relax and pamper yourself. That’s exactly what I plan on doing today!

I love pampering myself and performing my daily beauty rituals.  These days, everyone is in such a rush and self-care sometimes takes a backseat in their lives.  Trust me, I’ve been there too! That’s why I’ve made it a point to create routines that are simple and effective.

A necessary part of anyone’s beauty routine is solid skincare regimen.

Establishing a good skincare routine is one of the important steps in maintaining a healthy complexion. A simple one is even better! Most routines that I read about for middle-aged women mainly focus on fighting dryness. Many “older” people I know, myself included, have oily/combo, acne-prone skin. Managing breakouts, oily shine and constant makeup refreshing was very annoying for me at times.  Now that I have it under control, I consider my oily skin a blessing!! I personally believe that it is helpful with keeping the wrinkles at bay (along with drinking lots of water and a healthy lifestyle, of course).

I love trying different beauty products (product junkie alert!!) and have tried MANY for my skin over the years.  I’d like to share with you my current morning skincare routine and the arsenal of affordable products that I use to keep my skin clear and smooth.  It only takes 3 simple and easy steps. With the exception of the face sponge, all of these products can be found in Target, Walgreens and other drugstores.

If you have any questions, please send them to me in the Comments section below.  Also, let me know if you would like to see a skincare video in the future and I will do my best to accommodate!

(NOTE – This is not a sponsored post.  I use all of the following products regularly and they have been purchased with my own money.)

*****STEP ONE – CLEANSE*****

Cleansing Sponge:  Julep Charcoal Konjac Sponge – $12.00:  I am a member of Julep, which is a monthly beauty box subscription program that I’ve been enrolled in for about a year.  I received this sponge in one of my boxes.  Let me tell you…it was a GAME CHANGER! This sponge is enriched with skin-clarifying charcoal that cleanses, exfoliates and detoxifies your skin.  I can attest that it does exactly what it promises!!  I simply dampen it with warm water, rub my face soap on it, work up a lather and wash my face with it.


Cleanser:  SheaMoisture Super Fruit Bar Soap – $4.99:  I am a big fan of SheaMoisture products and this soap is one of the reasons why.  Before using this, I would stick to liquid or cream cleansers, believing that a bar soap would irritate my skin.  This Super Fruit soap does a great job with cleaning my skin without drying it out.  It contains great ingredients like mango butter and green coffee bean extract.  It is also certified organic which is a plus!   It boasts firm, smoothing and contouring benefits for the skin.  Personally, it has done an amazing job with improving my skin’s appearance and texture. After using it, my face feels clean but not dry.  I use it on my body as well and the results are just as good.


*****STEP TWO – TONE*****

Toner: Noxzema Ultimate Clear Anti-Blemish Pads – $3.99:  I’ve been using these pads for a few years now.  One time I decided to try witch hazel as a toner since I heard so many great things about it.  Two days later, I woke up to a couple of pimples on my chin, so back to my Noxzema Anti-Blemish pads I went! Afterwards, the pimples were GONE within a week…enough said!noxzemap pad


Eye Cream: L’Oreal Paris Revitalize Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Eye Cream – $12.00-$18.00 (depending on where you purchase): I use this cream around my eye area after cleansing and toning my skin. It is very gentle and provides the needed moisture for that delicate area.  Several times, I have forgotten to apply this and felt a noticeable difference, especially after applying my makeup.  The skin around my eyes would feel tight and the fine lines were a little more noticeable. So far, this has worked very well for me, but I am still on the lookout for that ultimate eye cream!




Moisturizer:  Clean & Clear Dual Action Oil-Free Moisturizer – $5.79:  Because of my oily skin, moisturizers can be a little tricky for me.  The results have been either too moisturizing (leaving my skin looking like an oil slick) or too drying (sucking the “life” out of my skin).  About ten years ago, I discovered this little 4-ounce bottle of oil-free goodness and it is a true staple in my skincare regimen!  It contains 0.5% of salicylic acid which is an ingredient that assists with fighting breakouts.  However, it could work if you only use it as a simple oil-free moisturizer.  The target market for this product may be the younger crowd, but it works for us older folks as well. Plus you cannot beat the price!


I hope that you’ve found this information helpful.  If you have oily/combination skin, give it a try and let me know how it works for you!

Have a wonderful day…especially all you mothers!

Warm regards,


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  1. Going to order the sponge and get the other products as well. I’m using a department store regimen now but I can’t afford to keep it up so I’ll definitely be trying these.

  2. Thanks, Cheryl! As someone who has been battling acne since my teenaged years, I’m interested in trying something new. Will definitely be trying some of these products, especially the sponge!! Keep the good tips coming…

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