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 My Self Care “Secrets” For Mid-Lifers

Self care is a term that I use a lot because it’s an important part of physical and mental health. Self care helps with feeling great and looking your best at any age.  It helps to minimize the effects of aging as we grow older.  Have you ever run into someone you haven’t seen in years and notice that they haven’t aged since you saw them last?  Actually, they may look even younger!  You wonder or outright ask them if they got any” work done” or what their “secret” is  There are many factors involved in maintaining a youthful appearance.  Some people do get cosmetic procedures done (which is totally cool); others are just blessed.  Either way, self care still plays a large part in it.

Who doesn’t want to look great at any age? It’s not all about vanity, however.  It’s also about having the best quality of life possible. Little things like walking up a flight of stairs or bending down to pick something up can become an issue as you get older. Hormonal changes from menopause add another element into the mix.  Menopause affects your sleep pattern and causes sudden weight gain among many other things.  And those hot flashes…good grief!!

The Importance of Self-Care As You Age

People are usually very surprised when they learn that I’m over 50 years old.  I have my mom to thank for that! She is currently 85-years old; my role model for beauty, self care and maintaining a good quality of life. Mom does not look her age and moves around better than some people half her age.  She still rocks 4-inch heels and drives her own car. Felix Unger (from the classic TV show, “The Odd Couple”) has nothing on her when it comes to cleanliness. Her “secret” to looking younger and feeling good? Taking very good care of herself daily!

Genetics definitely help with having a youthful appearance, but again self care plays a key role. I notice a big difference in my skin, hair, stamina – pretty much everything – when I am on point (or not) with taking good care of myself.

Most of the tips I share below are just good old common sense. You may look at them and roll your eyes but hey, they work if you apply them!  Inner self care is also addressed.  The key is to make these steps a daily mission. Do the work and, trust me, you will see and feel a difference in as little as two weeks!

“Secrets” That Help You Look Youthful

Outer Beauty Tips

  • Wash and moisturize your face EVERY day and night. Keep your skin clean and moisturized with a proper beauty regimen that works well with your skin type. Never, ever go to bed with your makeup still on! That is one of the worst things for your skin!
  • Exfoliate and moisturize your body well. My body skin has always been SUPER dry and requires layers of moisturizers every single day. I recently wrote a post on my body care regimen which includes dry brushing, moisturizing soap and two layers of moisturizers.  It helps to keep my skin soft, smooth and supple for 24 hours.  Click on this link for more information.
  • Moisturize your hands throughout the day. Hands show noticeable signs of aging very quickly!  Nail and hand care go “hand in hand.”  However, your hands will look worn and “old” without exfoliation and moisture even with the best nail care. I load up on hand lotion throughout the day to keep my hand soft and moist! My favorite hand lotion is Vaseline Intensive Care Hand and Nail Lotion.
  • Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase. I started sleeping on a satin pillowcase a few years ago to help maintain the moisture in my naturally curly hair.  I then noticed that my complexion looked so much better! It helps to balance and retain moisture in your skin which is especially good if you suffer from dry skin.
  • Keep your hair “right.”  When I say “right” I don’t mean just a great hairstyle! I can dig deep into importance of haircare, but will keep things simple here. Make sure to follow a great hair routine (just like for your skin) to keep your strands clean, healthy and moisturized. Clip your ends periodically to keep split ends at bay and prevent breakage.

Self Care From The Inside/Out

  • Get your beauty rest!   A good night’s rest offers so many benefits. Beautiful skin and better mental alertness are just a couple of things. Your metabolism is also affected by the amount of sleep you get.  More sleep increases it which helps you to lose weight more efficiently.
  • Water is the true fountain of youth. Drink it….a lot!  My skins glows, my eyes sparkle and my energy is high when I drink plenty of water!   I feel and look crappy when I don’t!
  • Eat good quality foods. I’m a “everything in moderation” person, but gradually working my way towards a cleaner, healthier “diet.” I’m far from perfect! What I do know is when I eat better, I look and feel better! Cutting out processed foods, minimizing starchy carbs and eating lean protein, carbs, and organic fruits and vegetables make a huge difference!  I’m still a work in progress so stay tuned for more posts on this!
  • Maintain a healthy weight range.  A healthy weight range is so important for good health.  It lowers our risk for many diseases including diabetes, hypertension and cancer. Plus I’ve never met anyone who looked younger from unhealthy weight gain…myself included.  Hormonal changes from aging do cause a shift in our body composition resulting in a growing waistline (sigh!); however, we can still win the battle of weight gain with healthy eating habits and an exercise program.
  • Stay active daily.  My mom’s #1 tip for staying youthful is keeping herself busy.  She still does her own household chores, runs errands, and plays music on her keyboard.  Being active keeps her in shape and mentally sharp.  She also exercises for 30 minutes a day to maintain muscle tone and a healthy weight.

Anti-Aging Words of Wisdom 

  • Remove any stressful situations or people from your life!  Stress is no joke!  It can very easily age you a good 10-20 years and damage your health if you’re not careful.  I call myself “the gatekeeper” and “self-protector” of keeping my stress levels to a bare minimum.  Any person or situation that has room to cause any drama gets shut down and out with the quickness.  My life and health are all the better for it and I’m sure it helps with keeping those wrinkles away!
  • Let “ish” go!  Inner beauty goes a long way with reflecting your outer beauty. It sounds a bit “new age-ish” but hear me out! Unkind behavior and holding grudges take a lot of work.  It’s also unnecessarily exhausting. It wears you out and shows on your face and body.  Be kind to yourself and others!  Imagine yourself on the receiving end of what you’re dishing out. Treat people the way you want to be treated.  It’s that simple.  Your mind, body and soul will thank you for it!

These tips are truly helpful to me in my journey to grow older beautifully (and eclectically!). They work for my mother too, so that alone speaks volumes!  I hope that you try a least of few of them and find them helpful as well!


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  1. This is such a great read!!! It’s so funny because I already do so many of these things so hopefully, I age well! Lol!! You look amazing 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Trying to hold on to what we have is always a struggle but in the long run it pays off… you’ve shared great advice.. (especially about let ish go – it’s draining for real)

    1. Hi Jamala and thank you! Yes, maintaining yourself takes a little more effort as we get older, but it is very well worth it! And maintaining means that there’s no room for holding on to anger and other stuff, especially as we age!

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