My Post Green Smoothie Cleanse Follow-Up Plan

green smoothie cleanse

Where I Am Going From Here?

So after a triumphant nine-pound weight loss on J.J. Smith’s 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse, where do I go from here?   Many people finish the program with concerns about regaining the weight that was lost.  I’m no different! After dedicating the time, focus and energy that it took to get such amazing results, I have every intention on continuing with a healthy lifestyle and steady weight loss!

I’m now one week “post-green smoothie cleanse.” First, I wanted to make sure to wean myself off of it properly. J.J. Smith strongly advises doing this since immediately going back to eating meat and other “regular” solid foods can cause major bloating and discomfort, not to mention weight gain. With all of this in mind, here is what I’ve done so far along with my current eating plan.

Weaning Off The Cleanse – The First Two Days

J.J. Smith recommends her Fat Flush Soup to help wean off of the green smoothie cleanse and gradually adding more solid foods back into your diet. This soup is not included in her book.  I found it on her Facebook page. Here is link for the recipe:  Fat Flush Soup.  This soup is so good and very filling! During the first two days after finishing the cleanse, I enjoyed two smoothies per day, a nice big cup of the Fat Flush Soup and the same snacks I ate during the cleanse.  I ended up losing another half a pound during this time!

Gradually Adding More Foods

On days three through five, I drank a green smoothie for breakfast. Lunch included either a salad or the fat flush soup; dinner included a healthy poultry or seafood meal with sautéed vegetables.

Currently, I’m drinking one green smoothie per day.  I eat a healthy lunch and dinner that includes lean proteins and lots of vegetables.  Once or twice a week I may have a small amount of rice and will eat bread very sparingly. I eat two servings of fruit daily along with many of the same snacks (especially those Squarebars!) from the cleanse.  I’m looking into more delicious salad recipes that I can eat. Here is one that I already love:  Whole Foods Detox Salad!

I plan on going back to using my high-quality whey protein powder and will add it to my smoothies.  The vegan protein powders just don’t do it for me – both the taste and texture are not appealing.  I will test more vegan protein powder brands as I go along, however.

I drink a cup of coffee in the morning but with some changes. Instead of adding sugar and dairy half-and-half, I now use Stevia and Sodelicious Coconut Creamer. I’m not saying that I will go completely dairy-free but reducing the amount eaten has made such a positive difference! Minimizing my sugar intake has been a good thing for me too. This is the one of the main reasons I had issues keeping my weight down in the past – especially so when I reached middle age.

I drink decaffeinated green tea during the day and a detox tea at night before going to bed.

At some point I plan on doing the J.J. Smith’s Green Smoothies for Life meal plan.  I already have the book and have tried a couple of the recipes, which were delicious!


The key to weight loss success is, no doubt, a clean and healthy diet.  The green smoothie cleanse has more than proven that! However, I also know from personal experience that a great exercise program helps to give you even better results.

I’m now on my third week of the 21-Day Fix program.  After I’m done next week, I will be moving on to another Beachbody workout program, Insanity Max 30, for the next 60 days. Do I love to workout?  Um, well not really!  I used to work out for an hour to 90-minutes at least five days per week.  After a while, I would begin dreading my workouts because of the time it took to complete them.  I’m so glad that there are so many fun and effective 30-minute workout programs available now! Knowing that I’m getting a great workout within 30-minutes really helps me to give it my all and get it over with.


I’m currently 162 pounds.  That’s another pound down since completing the cleanse and a total of 10 pounds lost so far!  My goal to get down to 150 pounds.  As I move along that goal may change. Will I have a treat here and there? Absolutely!  But my eye will stay on the prize and that is to reach my healthiest weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As I continue on I will post updates along with my eating plans, workouts, setbacks (if any), and progress photos.

I want to thank everyone for all of the positive feedback and support that you are giving me.  Many of us are on this journey and I’m happy that sharing my personal weight loss adventure – especially as a middle-aged woman –  is a source of motivation!

Continue to be blessed!


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  1. I love the idea of a follow up plan! It’s so difficult to kind of find your place post a cleanse or diet. These are all great ideas- I’m sure you’ll continue to have success!

  2. This is so genius. I have done many cleanses and 30-day diets and things, and most don’t talk about what to do AFTER the cleanse. It’s soo tempting to just grad a sandwich and launch into a SAD diet because you feel deprived. I love that you have a solid plan for weaning off the cleanse. And congrats on reaching such amazing goals!! How do you like the workouts you’re doing now?

    1. Hi Allie and thank you! The great thing about this cleanse was that it help to curb my sugar cravings which was a big issue for me. Plus that fact that I feel so much better eating healthier discourages me from going to my former eating habits. As for the 21 Day Fix workout program, I LOVE it. It’s not boring at all and VERY effective.

  3. This is a great idea and you’ve motivated me to consider doing a green smoothie cleanse as well! And I’m sorry, I think there is a typo in your About section, because I read your age as 50+ and I’m sorry there is no way lol!!!! You look amazing and you look 25, I’m shocked! Please do continue to share your advice! Amazing ♥

  4. I have been drinking so many smoothies lately. And I have noticed that I have more energy and feel so much better about myself. I would love to try this out in the future!

  5. Just found your blog, and i love everything about it and this post. Ok, wait.. how are you 51? How is that possible? You look amazing, ok, I mean you look like you are in your early 20s 🙂 I will be following your blog.

  6. Congratulations on the weight loss! This has inspired me to do more green juices. I get really lazy sometimes when life gets in the way. I bought myself a Nutribullet but it hasn’t been getting as much love as it should!

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