Blogging Hiatus – Getting Back to An Eclectic Lady

Why I Haven’t Been Blogging

In late December 2016, blogging goals and plans were all the focus as I prepared for the new year,   The last thing I had in my plans was a hiatus!  I was in the throes of writing a blog post about my optimistic outlook and goals for 2017. My plan of action was in order and I was raring to go!  Then life threw me a hard blow.

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Welcome to My New Blog – An Eclectic Lady!!


My name is Cheryl and not too long ago I celebrated my 50th birthday.  With this milestone came a strong desire to start a lifestyle blog.  I see so many great lifestyle blogs but not too many that are geared towards women of “a certain age.”  This sparked my desire to share my experiences and interests as a “mid-lifer.”

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