Natural Hair Care- Spring/Summer Edition

2017 Summer Natural Hair Care

Warm Weather Natural Hair Routine

Natural hair care routines literally change with the weather! With dryer air during the colder seasons comes the need to take extra care to maintain moisture in our curls.  The warm weather seasons replace the air’s dryness with humidity. I’m not a big fan of humid weather. However, my hair absolutely thrives on humidity, giving me some of my very best wash and go styles!

In this post I am sharing my updated natural hair routine along with the current products that I’m using since the weather has warmed up.   My hair is really growing so I’ve tweaked my weekly routine a bit (click here for more information on my original wash and go routine).

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Natural Hair Routine – Winter Edition

How To Moisturize Natural Hair During The Winter

Natural hair care in the winter can be quite a challenge for us naturalistas!  Many curly girls turn to protective styles to help protect their hair from the harsh elements.  I’ve tried protective styles as well, but they have made very little difference in the health of my hair.  I always ended up going back to my old faithful – the wash and go! It has been my go-to style ever since I went natural almost five years ago.  My hair has thrived and I wear it this way all year round.   I follow my same basic hair routine (Wash and Go Routine for Natural Hair) throughout the year, but I tweak some things in the winter to accommodate the cold weather. 

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Bentonite Clay – Clarify and Beautify!

Why You Should Try A Bentonite Clay Hair Mask

Bentonite clay masks have earned a permanent place in my hair regimen! Once a month, I replace co-washing my hair with this mighty mask and here is why!

Have you ever used products (conditioner, moisturizers, gels, etc)  that have done wonders for your hair and, suddenly, they “stopped working?”  Based on my experience, there is a very good reason for this.  Over time, environmental toxins and hair care products can build up on your hair and scalp.  This buildup can prevent your hair from receiving the maximum benefits that your products have previously provided.

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Wash and Go Routine for Natural Hair

My Defined Wash and Go Routine

Nothing beats the versatility of natural hair!  I went through a lot of trial and error during my first year of being natural to learn what products and styles work best for my hair.  Once I conquered that, I was able to put together a routine that keeps it moisturized, shiny and healthy. My favorite go-to style is the “Wash and Go.”  I love to switch my wash-and-go style between a curly ‘fro and a more defined curly style.

I constantly get asked what products I use and how I get my hair “so curly.”  Today, I will be sharing with you, step by step, the products and styling technique that I use for my defined wash-and-go hairstyle. Please note that everyone’s hair is different and the products and technique that I use may or may not work for your hair. 

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Going From Relaxed to Natural Hair in Mid-Life

My Natural Hair Story

Going from relaxed to natural hair is not simple and easy for most.  It’s a decision that involves not only the physical act of cutting off your relaxed ends; it’s also an emotional experience that you may or may not be prepared for.

On a cold day in mid-December 2011, my relaxed hair was due for a “touch-up.” As I got ready to call my salon to schedule an appointment, I felt a sense of dread. The salon that I patronized did a good job, but there was always a long wait before getting your hair done. I had NO desire to spend a good part of my day there. This feeling was the norm for me, but even more so on that day. Around this time, I had been viewing a number of natural hair videos on YouTube where women discussed their natural hair journeys and routines. Between my dread of going back to the salon and viewing these natural hair videos, I made my decision to go natural!

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