Blogging Hiatus – Getting Back to An Eclectic Lady

Why I Haven’t Been Blogging

In late December 2016, blogging goals and plans were all the focus as I prepared for the new year,   The last thing I had in my plans was a hiatus!  I was in the throes of writing a blog post about my optimistic outlook and goals for 2017. My plan of action was in order and I was raring to go!  Then life threw me a hard blow.

An Unexpected Turn

A few day before the new year began, my father suddenly became ill.  He was admitted into the hospital right after the new year.  Tests were performed and surgery was scheduled for the following day. Our family was very concerned but positive that he would recover.  He himself expected to be back at home in a matter of days and went out of his way to downplay any seriousness.  Before being taken into surgery, he saw the concerned look on my face and tried to assure me that everything will be fine.

He came through the surgery.  He slowly started feeling and looking better. Preparations were being made to move him to a rehabilitation facility to continue his recovery.  Out of nowhere things took an unexpected turn.  His heart stopped and he had to be resuscitated…..twice.  His condition continued to decline from there. On a cold Tuesday morning, in his 81st year of life, Dad peacefully took his last breath.  It was devastating.

Out of those 81 years, 58 were spent married to my mom, the love of his life. Together they worked hard providing a good home and life for me and my brother.

My love for reading came from my dad.  He made THE BEST pancakes in the world. No one’s barbecue sauce tasted better than his, as far as I was concerned. He taught me how to ride a bike.  He tried to teach me how to drive but clearly did not have the heart or patience for that – lol!! From him I learned about true strength as he fought to live during his last days.  He loved golf, football, books, all kinds of music and a good movie.  During the holidays, he enjoyed eating and taking plenty of photos of his grandchildren.

Back to Life, Back to Blogging

The past few months have been spent grieving and adjusting to life without him.  We will no longer see him sitting in his favorite chair watching TV. There will be no more texts from him. That loud booming voice is no more. We will never again see him on this earth.  The grief was almost unbearable during the first few weeks.  My heart ached for my mom as she tried her best to comfort everyone else. I never cried so much in my entire life.

Then one night, not too long ago, I had a dream about my dad.  He looked so young and handsome as he made clear to me that he wanted something very specific done. He made me guess what he wanted and when I did, he firmly said, “YES, YES!!”  I woke up immediately and strongly felt his presence.  After that dream, my heart started to feel lighter.  A few days later, I realized that I could talk about him without bursting into tears.  I gradually started doing some of the things that I enjoy including blogging.

Things are slowly getting back to what I call a “new normal.”  As much as losing him hurts, I’m sure that wherever my dad is, it’s not easy for him to see and feel our grief.   His visit in my dream was not only for making his wishes known to me but to also ease my heart.  It feels wonderful that, with God’s help, he is still providing comfort and care from beyond.

This “new normal” is still very fresh but I’m hoping that getting back to life and blogging will provide healing and a happy distraction. I know that my dad would want it that way.



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  1. I offer my sincerest condolences to you. I had wondered what happened to you blogging, welcome back.. sometimes writing about experiences is therapeutic and may help. You wrote about this very eloquently…. god bless

    1. Thank you for your condolences and kind words, Jamala! Tears were flowing as I wrote this post but they were not sad tears. It was very cleansing and therapeutic. It’s great to be writing again!

  2. Thanks for sharing, I too am glad to have you back. You are right, your dad would want you to move forward. You have been blessed with a wonderful dad/family. You have awesome memories to reminisce upon…. no one can take that from you! The next amazing chapters of your life are waiting to be written and I can’t wait to read them!

  3. Good Afternoon!

    Sorry for your loss. My dad passed away a few years just after New Year’s. One piece of advice I got was once you get past the first year it starts to get a lot better.

    I thought I would share that with you from one Eclectic Lady to another 🙂


    1. Hello Jeanne! So nice to meet you Eclectic Lady 😊. Your comment brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for reaching out with your comforting words. It really mean a lot to me. Be well!

  4. I am so sorry. It sounds like your dad was a wonderful person who was full of love and took the time to show you so many things. I remember feeling like there was a lake of tears inside of me after a loved one died and I could never cry them all. I was right, the lake is still there but it is surrounded by all of the beautiful memories we shared and it is a place I visit often.

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