Ayurvedic Hair Care Soiree In The City

ayurvedic hair care

Belle Bar Organic/Curly Proverbz in NYC!

Creating an Ayurvedic hair care plan for maximum hair growth is one of the goals that I’ve set in my Mid-Year,Mid-Life Glow Up Project plan. Sooooo, when I learned that beauty brand, Belle Bar Organic and YouTube vlogger, Curly Proverbz were having an event in New York City, I was beyond excited!  

Curly Proverbz’s (real name Farida) YouTube channel is currently my absolute favorite for learning about Ayurveda and it’s benefits for hair. She shares a chock full of informative advice and recipes that have helped her own hair grow so beautifully. She is my inspiration for putting together an Ayurvedic hair care regimen of my own. Her recent collaboration with Belle Bar Organic features an Ayurvedic tea rinse along with henna and cassia hair glosses.

Manhattan is just a quick train ride from where I live so my decision to attend was a no-brainer. I purchased my $45.00 ticket immediately and I’m glad that I did because the tickets sold out at the blink of an eye!  An after-party event was also held in Brooklyn (I did not attend since hubby and I had dinner plans). This event’s timing aligned so well with my “master plan” to step up my hair care game!

A Lovely Rooftop Affair

belle bar organic curly proverbs ayurvedic hair care

The Penthouse 1202, located on the rooftop of the Hotel Giraffe, served as the setting for the event. This chic boutique hotel is located in the NoMad section of NYC and is a beautiful space that features a private terrace, rooftop garden and a panoramic view of the city. A well-appointed giraffe statue really sets off the decor quite nicely.

The cocktails flowed and a delicious spread including fruit, cheese, tiny pizza slices and event-themed organic cupcakes (which I thoroughly enjoyed) was served. A yummy lip scrub bar and a DIY fresh flower garland craft table were featured. Both added such a fun and creative element to the affair! Gift bags filled with the complete Ayurvedic hair care collection ($100.00 worth!) were given to all guests!

The lovely Curly Proverbz served as the consummate hostess! She graciously answered questions during the Q&A session. To everyone’s excitement a new product was announced and officially launched right there at the event! Their new “Methi” Fenugreek Hair Oil is a growth oil inspired by Curly Proverbz’s popular diy growth oil recipe. Aside from being the first to learn about the new oil, we also got to take some home in our gift bags!!

The event had a nice, relaxing vibe and connecting with other Ayurvedic enthusiasts made me feel right at home.

Now, of course, the next step is incorporating these products into my weekly hair care routine and sharing all the details with you!

I can’t wait to get going with this next phase in my natural hair care!!  Stay tuned, y’all!

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