10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse – FINAL RESULTS!

an eclectic lady 10 day green smoothie cleanse results

Smoothie Cleanse – Days 6-10

The 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse is DONE and my final results are heeeere!!  I’ve said it before but I am still in blissful shock and amazement at my journey with this program!  I’ll cut to the chase and share the outline of my last five days and weight loss results.

Day Six

  • Down another pound!
  • Day Six Smoothie – Peach Berry Spinach.  At this point I decided to stop adding the vegan protein powder to these smoothies altogether.  I personally don’t like the taste and it made the smoothie’s texture a bit unappetizing to me.
  • Feeling very energized but sore from the previous day’s workout.
  • Meals included two apples, raw cashews, two boiled eggs, a can of tuna fish, carrots and celery sticks.
  • Drank 82 ounces of water, two cups of green tea and a cup of Yogi Detox Tea.
  • Day Two Workout – 21 Day Fix Day Upper Body Fix.  So happy that there weren’t any lower body exercises included because my legs and glute muscles were SO SORE!  Still took it easy by using lighter weights (3-5 pounds).


Day Seven

  • Another half a pound lost!
  • Day Seven Smoothie – Pineapple Berry.  I’m enjoying these smoothies so more more without that protein powder!
  • Still a little sore but getting better.
  • Meals included an apple, raw cashews, two boiled eggs, carrots PLUS….
  • A wonderful thing happened to me on this day called SquareBars. which is another program-approved food that I just learned about.  I ate a the (Chocolate Coated Crunch) flavor and let me tell y’all…it was SO GOOD that I felt like I was cheating!  It’s a organic protein bar with 12 grams of protein, so it kept me full for a good while too.  And they have the audacity to have dessert recipes on their website that you know I will be trying in the future.  My sweet-tooth is singing “Yu-um” today!
  • Drank 64 ounces of water, a cup of green tea and a cup of Yogi Detox Tea.
  • Day Four Workout – 21 Day Fix Day Pilates Fix.  This workout gave me a good respite from the cardio and weight training, but it was still challenging!  Thank goodness again for those exercise modifications!  My body felt really good and my abs/back area got an intense, yet comfortable workout!
  • I cannot believe that Friday will be my last day on this green smoothie cleanse AND I have not cheated…not one time!!  Three more days to go!


Day Eight

  • No weight loss today.
  • Day Eight Smoothie – Spinach Kale Berry.
  • Meals included an apple, raw walnuts, two boiled eggs, carrots and a SquareBar.
  • Drank 64 ounces of water, one cup of green tea and a cup of Yogi Detox Tea.
  • Day Five Workout – 21 Day Fix Cardio Fix.  This was a straight cardio working with no weights.  Thank goodness for those exercise modifications!!  The muscle soreness is gone.


Day Nine

  • I’m down another half a pound this morning!
  • Day Nine Smoothie – Apple Mango.
  • Meals included an apple, raw cashew nuts, two boiled eggs, carrots and a SquareBar.
  • Drank 64 ounces of water, two cups of green tea and a cup of Yogi Detox Tea.
  • I missed my workout today so I will be doubling up tomorrow!


Day Ten

  • Another half a pound lost!
  • Day Ten Smoothie – Pineapple Kale.
  • Meals included an apple, raw cashew nuts, two boiled eggs, carrots and a SquareBar.
  • Drank 64 ounces of water and a cup of green tea.
  • Two 21-Day Fix workouts today – Dirty 30 and Yoga Fix.  All done with my first week on the 21-Day Fix program.  Modifying the moves really helped me get through them.

I woke up on this morning (Saturday) and got on the scale to discover that I lost another half a pound. That makes it a total of nine pounds lost from this 10-day Green Smoothie Cleanse!!  J.J. Smith hit this detox program right out of the park!!

Not Just Weight Loss!

Aside from the weight loss, here are some other benefits that I’m experiencing from the green smoothie cleanse:

  1. My skin texture has gotten even more smoother and balanced (feels like BUTTER)! My t-zone area is less oily and my pores are a lot smaller.
  2. I’m sleeping like a baby now and my dreams have been quite vivid.
  3. I wake up in the morning feeling so energized ….without coffee!
  4. My nails look so much better and are much stronger!
  5. Is it me or did my feet get smaller?  My shoes are fitting a lot better.
  6. I simply feel GREAT!

In conclusion, at the start of the smoothie cleanse I weighed in at 172 pounds (an all-time high for me..sigh) and now weigh 163 pounds. Because I could not find my measuring tape, I did not record how many inches I’ve lost (sorry!).  Also, I lost a size going from a snug size 8 to very comfortable size 6.

How about that??  This program was a complete success and is VERY DOABLE! You can now include me in the “If I Can Do It, So Can You Club!”

So what’s next ?  My next blog post will explain it ALL!  Looking forward to sharing my continued weight-loss journey with you.


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  1. Girl!! This sounds amazing I will have to try this! I love how much you share- I feel like I did the cleanse right along with you! Thanks for this post- I will definitely be giving this a try!

  2. I’ve always wanted to try a cleanse, but I honestly don’t know if I would have the willpower to stick to it, so props to you! But this has given me some inspiration, so maybeee I’ll try it. I love how detailed and authentic your post was!

  3. WHOA this is so fun! What dedication! (: It seems like you got great results and really stuck with it. I’m interested in that pineapple berry smoothie… yum. I love smoothies anyway so I want to try this ASAP!

    1. Hi Christine. I will be updating my weight loss journey regularly in future blog posts. I did this cleanse to not only jump start my weight loss, but also for a healthier overall lifestyle and continue, steady weight loss. I will be explaining this in more detail in my next blog post. Thanks for stopping by.!

  4. To be honest, I am more interested about “after” your cure! Do you plan to write about it? I am always wondering if the result after this kind of cleanse will last!
    But anyway, congrats on your completed cure and weight loss!

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